Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer: It Got Away From Me, Yeah... Part 1: The Women of Doctor Who

If you know me (or follow me on Instagram) you probably know that I'm quite a big fan of Doctor Who. So when my birthday present last year from the lovely Julie from Blue-Eyed Gorl Lacquers included Doctor Who customs, I was pretty damn excited! When she then said that she wanted to turn it into a collection, I may or may not have shrieked pretty damn loudly! So now I'm gonna try to tell you about these without going on and on and on about Doctor Who. Yeah right, that's gonna happen!

The Women of Doctor Who

First up is the one that started it all for me - one of my birthday presents last year:

Just Admiring your Skills, Sweetie
Just Admiring your Skills, Sweetie is inspired by River Song, one of my absolute favourites in the Doctor Who universe. Strong and confident, she has her own life and being married to the doctor (spoilers!) doesn't slow her down one bit!

A Long Time Ago Tomorrow without top coat
A Long Time Ago Tomorrow is inspired by Amelia Pond. It's hard not to love Amy and her life with the Doctor, which starts when she's just a child and follows her through her life into adulthood with her beloved Rory. 

A Long Time Ago Tomorrow with top coat
This is a gorgeous tardis blue that dries satin, witch is beautiful, but a glossy top coat really makes the rich shimmer in this polish sparkle.

 I'm Dr. Martha Jones, Who the Hell Are You? Without top coat
Martha Jones is not many people's favourite companion, mainly because she spent most of her time pining over the Doctor who only had eyes for the Rose he'd lost. It was a bit sad, really. But she really came into her own later, when she got away from the doctor. Also, some of the very best episodes were during Martha's reign - Blink being a good example.

 I'm Dr. Martha Jones, Who the Hell Are You? With top coat
 This is a bright fuchsia with beautiful golden shimmer. It dries matte, but a good top coat gives it a beautiful glossy look.

You Just Want to Mate?
 You Just Want to Mate? is based on Donna Noble, the wonderfully funny companion who first appeared randomly in the Tardis in a wedding dress, and was having none of the Doctor's funny business!

It's a beautiful red shimmery polish, which has the most impressive application, it really just applied perfectly which is SUCH a relief for reds, cause they're always a pain to clean-up after - but not this one, it was very self levelling, and kindly stayed clear of my cuticles.

 A Snogging Booth?

 A Snogging Booth? is based on Clara Oswen Oswald, the impossible girl who saved the Doctor! If you (like me) have been glued to the screen on saturday evenings to catch the new episodes, maybe you have also noticed that she's really grown and I like her so much better with the new Doctor. I can't wait to see what's in store for them.

It's a red and black microglitter in a clear base, shown here over You Just Want to Mate? It's slightly gritty, but perfectly smooth with a bit of top coat.

 Is That a Technical term, Jiggery Pokery?
 Is That a Technical term, Jiggery Pokery? is based of Rose Tyler, the companion to both 9 and 10, who was a great part of the Doctor Who new series being such a success. She's loved by many, including me and (probably) the 10th Doctor.

It's a pink jelly base with lots of different pink, silver and holo glitters. It's quite sheer to let the glitters show, I used it here with Just Admiring Your Skills, Sweetie as a base. There are so much glitter in this, no fishing is needed, but a bit of placement is helpful.

All of these polishes are great quality, great application and coverage. I used 2 or 3 thin coats for all swatches. I can't wait to use these for more Doctor Who manis!

 This is You Just Want to Mate? and A Snogging Booth together, stamped with the Vivid Lacquer Doctor Who plate.

This is  I'm Dr. Martha Jones, Who the Hell Are You? and Is That a Technical term, Jiggery Pokery? stamped with MJ XII plate 

The Women of Doctor Who is available now at Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer!

Vivid Lacquer Doctor Who plate is from Vivid Lacquer

MJ plates are available from My Online Shop

Some of the polishes used in this post was supplied for my honest review


  1. Omg, Stinna!! Thank you so much for the fantastic review! They all look amazing on you! And now I'm eyeing up those plates ;)

  2. These look so lovely on you! Your swatches are perrrrrfect.