Thursday, 18 October 2012

WellNails: Koren Elvis (and his poor nards)

Today I have another WellNails polidh to show you - called Kicked Korean Elvis in the Nards.

It is inspired by this episode of How I Met Your Mother, more specifically the dress Lily wears as she goes to town on poor Korean Elvis and his privates.

On the pinky, I did 3 coats of Korean Elvis, and on the other nails I used a white base. It has a softer and more sheer look without the base, but it also has a bit of VNL. I suppose it's a matter of personal preference, but I prefer it with a base, as it also preserves my precious polish.

This polish shares a colour scheme with another of my favourite indies, Dollish Polish Greased Lightning, so I thought it'd be fun to do a quick comparison.

Pointer finger has Greased Lightning with no base, middle finger is GL with white base. Ring finger is Korean Elvis with a white base, and pinky finger is KE with no base.

Korean Elvis has black glitters that Greased Lightning doesn't have, and KE has a larger variation of glitter shapes. I really like the black squares in Elvis. Greased Lightning has a softer and less defined look compared to Kicked Korean Elvis in the Nards. While they are similar, I am definitely very happy to have both in my collection.

You can buy WellNails here: WellNails shop

WellNails is created by the wonderfully creative Charlotte from Passion4Polish, and she also writes about her polishes here and you can follow any news from her on her Facebook.


  1. Out of the two I like Wellnails the best, I think it's because of the larger black bits that's in it :)

  2. I agree with ^^ - I like KE better because of the black square glitter. But great comparison, thanks for doing it :D