Thursday, 11 October 2012

WellNails Drunken nights at MacLaren's swatch

I am back from my mini break in London, and boy did I shop! Nail polish, shoes, clothes, scarves... SO.MUCH.STUFF! I am seriously on a no buy from anything less than life essential for a while now. You can see a picture of my London polish haul on Facebook, and I can't wait to show you swatches of all of it!

But first I want to show you something else: WellNails Drunken nights at MacLaren's

Just before I went on holiday, I had the most wonderful nail mail from the new (and as far as I know first) danish indie nail polish brand called WellNails. I wanted to try them as soon as I got hem, but I had to wait until after my holiday, so naturally these were first on my to-do list when I got back home.

These are the polishes I received from WellNails:

Kicked Korean Elvis in the Nards, Slutty Pumpkin, Drunken nights at MacLaren's
I was lucky enough to win Slutty Pumpkin in a giveaway, and then I just had to buy the others so poor Slutty Pumkin wouldn't feel lonely.

This collection from WellNails is inspired by How I Met Your Mother, one of my favourite TV shows. Drunken nights at MacLaren's is inspired buy the gang's favourite bar, located underneath the flat inhabited by most of members of the gang at some point during the show.

I started this mani with Kiko 390. I purchased this on my holiday, in a place I like to call VarnishWonderland. Other people may know this place as Westfield London - home of the Models Own bottleshop and many, many, MANY shops. It is now also the new home of most of my money.

A beautiful soft green, perfect for... well spring really. Is it spring somewhere now? I'm thinking Australia maybe, so we're good. It has a beautiful metallic shimmer and manages to look so soft that you just have to touch it.

I then added two coats of Drunken nights at MacLarens and one coat of Seche Vite. The application was good for a glitter top coat, and I didn't have to fish for the green moons to come out. It has a bit of reflective curling, but lays perfectly flat on the nail.

See? perfectly flat.
You can buy WellNails here: WellNails shop

WellNails is created by the wonderfully creative Charlotte from Passion4Polish, and she also writes about her polishes here and you can follow any news from her on her Facebook.

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